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Beckhoff EL6752-0010

Beckhoff EL6752-0010 Thông số kỹ thuật EL6752-0010 Technical data Beckhoff EL6752 Beckhoff EL6752-0010 Technology DeviceNet master terminal DeviceNet slave terminal Fieldbus DeviceNet Number of fieldbus channels 1 Data transfer rates 125, 250, 500 kbaud Interfaces open style connector, 5-pin, according to DeviceNet specification, galvanically decoupled (Connector is supplied.) Communication DeviceNet …

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Mô đun Beckhoff BK7300

Mô đun Beckhoff BK7300 Thông số kỹ thuật module BK7300 Technical data Beckhoff BK7300 Beckhoff BK7350 Number of Bus Terminals 64 64 (255 with K-bus extension) Max. number of bytes fieldbus 512 byte input and 512 byte output Digital peripheral signals 512 inputs/outputs 1,020 inputs/outputs Analog peripheral signals 256 inputs/outputs …

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Beckhoff EL2622

Beckhoff EL2622 Beckhoff EL2602 Beckhoff EL2602-0010 Beckhoff EL2612 Beckhoff EL2622 Beckhoff EL2622-0010 Beckhoff EL2624 Beckhoff EL2652 Beckhoff EL2712 Beckhoff EL2722 Beckhoff EL2732 Beckhoff EL2784 Beckhoff EL2788 Beckhoff EL2794 Beckhoff EL2798 Beckhoff EL2808 Beckhoff EL2809 Beckhoff EL2819 Beckhoff EL2828 Beckhoff EL2872 Beckhoff EL2872-0010 Beckhoff EL2878-0005 Beckhoff EL2889 Beckhoff EL2904 Beckhoff EL2911 …

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Module input EL3356

Module input EL3356 Thông số kỹ thuật Beckhoff EL3356 đại lý EL3356 | nhà phân phối EL3356 | đại lý ES3356 Technical data EL3356 | ES3356 Number of inputs 2, for 1 resistor bridge in full bridge technology Power supply via the E-bus Technology resistor bridge, strain gauge Distributed clocks …

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Đại lý module input Beckhoff

Đại lý module input Beckhoff Beckhoff EL3001 Beckhoff EL3002 Beckhoff EL3004 Beckhoff EL3008 Beckhoff EL3011 Beckhoff EL3012 Beckhoff EL3014 Beckhoff EL3021 Beckhoff EL3022 Beckhoff EL3024 Beckhoff EL3041 Beckhoff EL3042 Beckhoff EL3044 Beckhoff EL3048 Beckhoff EL3051 Beckhoff EL3052 Beckhoff EL3054 Beckhoff EL3058 Beckhoff EL3061 Beckhoff EL3062 Beckhoff EL3062-0030 Beckhoff EL3064 Beckhoff …

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